Hejiahuanle Mischief Electronic Pet Toy Trick-Playing Bugs Simulation Scary Insect Gadget Trick Kids Pet Robot Emulate Beetles Cockroach Insect Novelty Fun

Our electric simulation insect toys are fun and easy to use, and you can always prepare to take it out and joke with others.

Just turn on the ON / OFF switch on the body and place the toy on the floor or on the table. Our simulation cockroach will automatically start walking.

The running principle of our product is driven forward by the vibration of the body, so there is no fixed direction when running, and sometimes it goes straight, sometimes turns, and changes direction when encountering obstacles.

Realistic design: It can be fun for everyone, just put them close to windows, tables or drawers, it can scare your friends, family and even yourself!

A funny gift: for your kids or pet toys, Halloween pranks, Christmas gifts, April Fool’s Day fooling tools, can also be used to actively party atmosphere,

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WowWee Chip Gadget Robotic Pet

CHiP is a smart, affectionate, and trainable robot dog

Train CHiP using voice commands, or through the CHiP

The SmartBand allows CHiP to recognise and follow you

Play fetch with CHiP’s SmartBall and stay active together

When low on battery, CHiP automatically returns to his SmartBed to recharge himself

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Minkoll Solar Powered Mosquitos Repeller, Portable Outdoor Solar Powered Insect Repeller with Compass

Can clip the mosquito repeller on your clothes, bag, bed and tablet with the hook.

Compass is for assisting you to identify directions outdoors.

Practical solar sonic mosquitos repeller, which is powered by solar power, no batteries needed, and adopts sound wave to repel mosquitos and insects to protect you from being bitten

Outdoor Solar Powered Sonic Insect Mosquitos Repeller with Compass.

It is a wonderful gadget suitable for fishing, hiking, camping outdoor activities.

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ieGeek Roswheel Bike Bag For Top Tube Frame, With Phone Case/Holder for Cellphone Bellow 4.8 inches, Water Resistance

【For Most 4.8″ Smartphones】 The Cycling Frame Bag designs for smart device bellow 4.8″ in SCREEN SIZE, such as iPhone 6/6s, Google Nexus 4, Sony, LG, etc.

【High-quality & Durable】Made of high quality polyester material, wear-resisting and comfortable, provide stability and non-shaking when riding in the rough road.

【Humanized Design】The Phone Mount designs with Double Bags, perfect for holding lots of stuff and accessories, such as bike tools, key, wallet, snack, small gadget, etc.

【More Convenient & Safer】With zipper pocket and clear transparent PVC window pouch for phone holder, the bike frame bag is safe to keep the inside items,convenient to open/close, enable to touch screen for music, phone call, GPS navigation when riding.

【Quick release & installation】Suitable for most kinds of bicycles, such as fast riding, road bike and mountain bike.

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